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Ms. Chris's Art for Pre-schoolers

Dot Mandala Class
for Beginners
with Fiona Gomes Bhattacharya

In this class, the instructor will provide everything students need to make a beautiful dot mandala wooden 4"x4" coaster that they can take home.  Please consider wearing comfortable attire and an apron if you need it.  

Level: Beginner

Ages: 14+

Classes will take place on the following Saturdays

from 1:30pm-3:30pm

April 20th

May 4th

May 18th

Cost per class:

$40 per class

All Materials Included

Class size limited, sign up soon!

How to register:

Contact Fiona Gomes Bhattacharya at

Dot Mandala-02.jpg

about the instructor

Fiona leveraged her creative skills by starting a dot mandala business during the pandemic to engage her children and reduce gadget use. Originating from Australian Aboriginal art, this intricate dot painting style proved therapeutic and became integral to Fiona's home-based business, first in the Philippines and then in the U.S. As a life and executive coach, she uniquely blends art therapy into her practice, utilizing dot mandala's calming and meditative qualities to enhance her clients' mental well-being. Her journey exemplifies the fusion of art, entrepreneurship, and wellness. Fiona plans to hold classes for kids and adults on various other forms of art such as textured art, resin art, quilling and more later this year.


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