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General Meeting & Art Demonstration
1st Wednesday of every Month at 1:00 PM (PST) via Zoom
Next Meeting: Sept. 07, 2022

There will be no General Meeting in August in order to give our volunteers/staff a break. Thank you!

What happens during our general meetings?

  • Meet and greet. Come interact with the artists in your community!

  • Announcements of upcoming events

  • Updates on what's in the works for the Fremont Art Association

  • FREE art demonstration and Q&A

  • Artist of the Month (a'la Mini Art Show)

Come and join us! Our meetings are open to the public and all are welcome.

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July Art Demo​​nstration

The Fremont Art Association is thrilled to have Betty Franks as the Demo Artist at its July General Meeting.


Born in Toronto, Canada, Franks grew up in San Jose, California. A self-taught artist, she embarked upon her creative journey at the age of 50 after a long corporate career. Today, Franks is recognized as a prolific abstract artist and vivacious art educator. Her distinctive creations inspired by her hikes and walks, explore lines in nature and the beauty of flowers. Her paintings, which burst with vivid colors and textures, exude a sense of hope that comes with spring and the tenderness of love that finds warmth under the summer sun. Franks’ work is a testament that she has made it her mission to spread love and joy to others through her art.

In her demo, Creating an Abstract Field of Flowers, Franks will deconstruct the framework of her creative process including her steps in loosening up, building layers of acrylic paint, and incorporating mark-making. She'll share her favorite tools and painting tips, and her tricks in warding off the judging mind.

To say that Franks has a love affair with flowers would be an understatement. In her own words: “Close your eyes and imagine standing in a field surrounded by all your favorite flowers in all your favorite colors. Breathe in deeply and let the heavenly scents tickle your nose. Wrap your arms around yourself and imagine hugging a huge bouquet so close to you that you're fully embraced by the glorious colors, shapes, and scents. Yeah...that's where I am when I'm creating my art.”

In additional to offering various classes and workshops, Franks is generous in sharing her knowledge, talent, and process of creation through her numerous inspiring videos on YouTube covering such topics as: How to Create Bright, Happy Abstract Art; Ode to Joan Mitchell—My Take on Her Style of Art; Creating Depth Through Layers; and Concertina / Accordion Art Journal.

(*Photos by Juniper Spring Photography)

Artists of the Month​​

Entry Guidelines

  1. Artist must be a Fremont Art Association Member in good standing, and must be present during the meeting.

  2. One entry per artist.

  3. Piece being entered must be original work, preferably created within the last month - no older than a year. (No prints/reproductions, or any work done as part of a class/course/workshop)

  4. Entries must be photographed and sent to Mary Bobik at with the subject header "Artist Of The Month" no later than 6 pm (PST) on the evening before the meeting. (Ex. For a meeting on 02/03/2021, submit no later than 6 PM (PST) on 02/02/2021.) 
    i. Must use the subject line: "Artist of the Month" on the email submission. 
    ii. By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to abide by our Privacy Policy.

  5. Also send the following information:

    • Title of the Piece​

    • Medium(s)

    • Size

    • Price if available for sale (or indicate NFS - Not For Sale)

    • "Framed" or "Unframed" if applicable

  6. Non-members may not submit, but may participate in voting via Zoom during the meeting. All voting is anonymous.

  7. Artist of the Month is all virtual - No artwork will be displayed in the gallery, but will be shared on the website and on FAA Social Media. 

  8. Artwork listed for sale can be purchased through the FAA. Send any inquiries via the form below and please be sure to reference the piece. 

Contenders / Submissions

July 2022 Artists of the Month Awardees

1st Place

1st Place

"Musically Inclined" Durba Sen Acrylic on Canvas 12" x 12" $400

2nd Place

2nd Place

"The Wave" Hetal Anjaria Watercolor 9" x 12" Matted $100

3rd Place

3rd Place

"Tía" Mia Bounds Pastel on Paper 4" x 6" Matted & Framed NFS

I'm interested in purchasing ...

Thanks for the interest! We'll get back to you soon!

2021 Artist of the Year


Helene Marie Roylance has been a member of the Fremont Art Association since 2014. Her works focus mainly on watercolor and intricately painted ceramics. Her paintings often depict scenes from her travels, as well as plein air paintings of local vistas. Her works can currently be found both on her website and at the Fremont Art Association.


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