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OMSRIARTS Children's Art Class with Mrs. Jem

OMSRIARTS Children 's Art Class with Mrs. Jem


Children's art class(K-12)

Monday's 6-7pm - Thursdays 6:00-7:00pm, 

Friday's 6:00 - 8:00pm.


Scope of Teaching art, to make  the children learn to draw and paint confidentially & enhance their artistic skill & express their own creativeness.

  • Book 1: Pencil drawing of animals ,making creative cards using watercolor pencils and mixing colors. Registration fees: $20 check & monthly fees check $70 payable to FAA by 15th of the month.

  • Book 2: Pen sketching, various topics to draw, motif drawing, watercolor brush strokes, watercolor techniques and making unique creative cards with watercolor kits. Registration fees: $20 check & monthly fees check $80 payable to FAA by 15th of the month.

  • Book 3: Varieties of subjects to draw and paint using Watercolor techniques making Memorable Paintings on greeting cards & sheets. Registration fees: $20 check & monthly fees check $90 payable to FAA by 15th of the month.

  • Book 4: Varieties of templates of Steam Electronic Greeting Creative Celebration Cards. First Finish Wonderful Greetings using watercolor techniques. Secondly using different Templates using LED to glow like Simple closed circuit, single switch circuit, multiple switches( blinking effect slide switch ), multiple lines and switches, parallel circuits, vibrating motions, using IC to Blinking/ twinkling effects, Dim to bright, brighter, brightest circuit, blinking eyes switch, common anode multicolored LED switch, common cathode RGB switch, fast flashing LED switch, slow flashing LED switch ,Clay switch circuit ,other choices, Music ecards Especially Birthday cards, Voice recorded celebration cards. Love to Code ( to make different template switches, learn to code as well use it to operate the template) Registration: $20 check and Monthly fees check $100 payable to FAA by 15th of the month.


Supplies for Ecards

Coin batteries, LEDs[ colorful } conducting foil tape, binder clips, index cards, heavy tape, sticky tape , Vibrating motors, ICs( different blinking effect) , Dynamic LEDs, Clays, Music ICs ecards, Voice Recorded ICs ecards. 

The supplies for Book 4 will be charged for the needs and the amount will be specified according to the ICs template project.


Supplies for Art Class

These are the supplies, students will be needing:

Derwent Watercolor pencils 24 set of Assorted colors : $22

 Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor pocket Set, set of 12 half pans : $21

Book 1: Pencil Drawing : $10.00

Brushes round(4) & flat(4): $3.00.

Creative Greeting Cards (10) :$3.00

These materials can be purchased from the teacher for $60.


Please Contact for more information:

Jamunarani B Ramaraj,  everyone call me as Mrs.Jem,; (510)789-3241

About Mrs. Jem

Jamunarani B Ramaraj is a Niles Elementary School Liaison (since 2013) for MFMII, Reflection chair (since 2013) and Treasurer (2016). Her service as docent (2012-13) earned most prestigious MFMII's Harmony Service Award in June 2013 for bringing music to children. Her service as Liaison and Reflection chair, earned one of the prestigious PTA's Honorary Service Award in Feb 2016 for bringing music and arts to Niles School students.

Her Masters in Electronic science(1998) got second place award in 3 years Bachelor degree in India. Her leisure time, she loves drawing and watercolor paintings. Her hobby earned awards; latest ' Gold Prize Winner ' for ' Sri Krishna Era animals' watercolor painting in 2016. She is currently teaching drawing and painting for children at FAA (since 2014). You can reach her at