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Ms. Chris's Art for Pre-schoolers

Silk Painting Workshop
with Susan Helmer

Susan Helmer will once again be teaching a workshop on silk painting!  This will be an in-person workshop at the gallery, 37697 Niles Blvd.  Each student will get to paint a 3" and 4" holiday ornament on silk.  Participants can bring their own design, or work from the design Susan will demonstrate. 


Cost & Materials:

$28 fee, class open to the public

Fees include all materials. 

Class size is limited!

How to register: 

Email Susan at

For any inquiries, please contact instructor at:


about the instructor

Susan Helmer / Silk Painter 

As a child, I was introduced to art through classes at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. All I remember from those classes is an image of huge bottles of brightly colored tempera paint lined up on a window sill and the huge lions that still line the path to the museum

While on vacation in Washington about 25 years ago, I attended a silk painting class because my hostess became ill and I took her place. The minute I saw the incredibly intense colors spread like magic on the silk; I was hooked. Now I paint only on silk; Using watercolor techniques and French liquid dyes. The finished piece is then steamed for three hours to set the dyes. Finally the silk is stretched over foam core and then sent to the framer.

My subjects range from florals to abstracts. color and pattern. My paintings have been exhibited from San Jose to Walnut Creek, Mendocino and as far away as Portland.


More information can be found at

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