"The Lives and Habits of Eggs" (MJM 005)

"The Lives and Habits of Eggs" (MJM 005)

SKU: MJM 005
If you enjoy puns, this delightful tongue-in-cheek book will keep you smiling. Here is what one of the author�s says: �The Lives and Habits of Eggs� is the first book in the Egg Studies series by renowned anthropologist, O. V. Wise. The author provides a wonderful description of the society of eggs, a civilization he discovered while exploring the northern perimeter of the Nether Region. O. V.'s close study of the egg community allows for revealing insights into their lives, values, culture, and habits. The reader will be surprised by the parallels to our own lives and intrigued by the differences. An excellent read for those who enjoy learning about new cultures as a means of gaining fresh perspective on their own, or if not, for those who enjoy breakfast.

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