How to Sell via The FAA Online Shop

(A brief outline)

  1. There must be an Open Call for Artists going on. See below for status and any special themes that we are looking for.

  2. Be a current Fremont Art Association Member, in good standing.

  3. Email Gallery Director / Vice President Mary Bobik (Contact Information at the bottom of the page). She will have additional information and will be able to answer additional questions.

  4. If given the green light, complete the "2021 Artist's Contract" and submit it to Mary Bobik along with the necessary fees, if applicable. She will help coordinate your item drop-off as well as the scheduling for your items' photography by Helene Roylance

  5. Photography and completed inventories will be handed over to our webmaster Mia Balangue to be uploaded into the shop. 

  6. An E-mail "blast" will be sent out to our membership and subscribers once all of the entries of the current round of Call for Artists is uploaded to the shop and complete. 

We will do our best to upload the items in a timely manner, but we ask for your patience as we are only a small team and we tend to do uploads in large batches at a time. 

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Call for Artists




To Be Announced


To Submit Inventory Sheets AND Respective Items to be Processed

To Be Announced

Our Online Sales Team

(Your Contact Points)


Mary Bobik


Vice President

Gallery Director


Mary is a Fremont resident who enjoys hand building various pottery items. Her special love is using real leaves to make ceramic plates and bowls.


Helene Roylance





Helene is a local Fremont artist who enjoys hand painted ceramics and watercolors.


Mia Balangue





Mia is a largely self-taught multi-media artist who does most of her work in traditional media. She also dabbles in digital painting and photography.


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Policy Handbook

2021 Artist's Contract

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